Monday, July 28, 2014

indefinite hiatus


It's been a year and couple months since my last post. Cliche but yes, i was too busy with work. There were times i felt i really needed to write just for the sake of my sanity, but the pressure at work is just too much i used all my sparetime just to rest or have quality time with closest ones. Besides, social media was getting entertaining enough to channel all the frustration. and yes i am dramatizing it.

There were many things happened this past year. Agnes monica even finally released her international single! I've done quite lots of stuff, visited some places, met new people, learnt new things, had those wild thoughts, discovered things i never imagined before. Will try my best to recall them again and memorize them thru this blog.

and btw i just bought this new gadget (this post is written on it), i plan to use it so that i will be able to write on this blog during my sparetime. so far this thing is really cool. i had difficulties at first to access blogspot but this time its just ok. I even fancy the layout. Really hope my right (or left ya?) brain will grow more healthily.

Great now that i feel great after writing this. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

boys and [their] toys

this is actually bf's idea to write about such topic. i have no topics to write about. in fact i feel that i'm clueless now and brainless since i haven't read and write for a long time. don't be fooled, i usually just read light articles and write this random blogpost. so what is it with boys and their toys then?

the man i've grown up with for the last 6 years have shown me a quite real connection between boys and toys. he always tells me how much he wants to go back to his childhood. when playing is all that matters. when you won't be bothered to think about bills, living cost, etc.

if you believe in 'boys will be boys' saying, i pretty much think that it is true in so many ways. just think of how many men are still addicted to variety of game consoles in their twenties? or uber expensive cameras to accompany them while travelling in their thirties?  or any klangenan (in javanese, means sort of hobbies) such as having birds as pets in their fourties? and so on and so on.

the idea is that they treat their hobbies in a childish manner. it can be seen from the obsession or their devotion in terms of money and time.

what's the answer for this? personally i have no idea. maybe this comes naturally. that's why no matter how old their age is, thing about these toys will always be the same for them. it exists.

Friday, May 24, 2013

flowery hearts

have you ever felt you're becoming just like those fictional characters in those rom com movies? well today i have. that part when you went to your office desk and found a bouquet of lovely flowers lying on it. my heart sort of screamed when i read the card and learnt that it was masheru who sent it. and it came along with a 'flower cup' from kiki. they were super beautiful.

masheru and i have been together for more than 6 years and i gave up on flowers ages ago. i told him i wanted one but he never popped any sign that he will hand me any soon. yeah apparently i had to wait for 6 years, 3 months, and 16 days, on my 25th birthday, haha.

they were pink & white roses (appreciation of joyfulness & purity), daisies (loyal love), and hydrangeas (perseverance). and the roses came in total of 8 which matched the infinity date. i know it was a coincidence, but it was a cool and cute one.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

may today is a happy mayday

i hate that i've been hibernating this blog for a while. yesterday evening i remembered that i've promised myself to make a post dedicated to this year's mayday. yeah it's todayyy!!!
last year, i -as a labor myself- celebrated mayday by covering my office ID card with a mayday message. this year i'll just write a post. hopefully next year i'll be able to take a leave to join the mass on the street.
well well.. short one. my thought on issues related to labor was actually one of my biggest motivations of why i wanted to work in a multinational company. my educational background has raised me with an awareness of this issue. negative perspective is always thrown at the company that is assumed to exploit their labors. exploiting and neglecting labors' rights as a worker, or as a human being essentially. so i want to know the perspective and real conditions from the 'bad guy' side.

i, with my limited knowledge, hate to see the news that even unions had to block the roads by doing massive demonstrations so that their voice was heard. just to fight for a decent wage. for an -around 20bucks- raise per month.
but then now, after joining the company for more than a year. i experience it by myself. i see how the company has been struggling to comply with government regulations related to labor and to put this compliance matter as first priority. i can't describe it in detail. but long story short, i guess i'm having a little of both's perspectives on this issue.
so what was the roots of those demonstrations? well you really can't generalize. all those corporations are not the bad guys. but there are bad guys among those corporations. we can't deny the fact that there are still many unfair practices towards labors.
but wait, now all those labors are not good guys. some good, some bad, some worst. there were cases when the union kept nagging the company for unreasonable gain. it's getting worse when they kept nagging without doing their obligations, even basic obligations. to perform their job at their best.
i think that is the main reason why there is this huge gap between labors and their company. the gap that is supposed to be filled (or bridged) by government as the authorized controller.
to me, mayday is the day worth celebrating by labors with integrity and dedication. only by them.
happy mayday!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

free me

these past two weeks have been ummm rough for me. can't really explain the case, even a split second of remembering it hurts. anyway life goes on, and joss stone is on my agenda already. i had written about the excitement of getting the ticket only in previous post and now it's time to memorize the show by writing it down here.

it was last friday night, 1st of march. after been struggling for 2.5 hours to reach the venue after work, all the waiting was paid off. i and masheru rushed to the hall once the gate was opened and yeah we got 2nd row right in the center. and she rocked the opening with 'for god's sake, give more power to the people'. (ah, one weird thing was when the audience were told to sing our national anthem before she showed up).

wearing purple silky light halter dress, barefoot (as usual), hair down, decent make up, and some bracelets.

my intention of seeing her performance was to only enjoy it as much as i could, that's why i didn't bring any camera to snap her pic (masheru took some with my cellphone though, but the result wasn't that good). i just want to hear her voice and dance with her music. the setting of her gig was seated gig. but in the middle, she asked the audience to come as close as possible to the stage. i stood still though. to me my spot was decent enough to enjoy the music without having to be in the jammed crowd.

it was quite funny to know that the hall was almost full with people but only few who knew the song (lyrics) and sang along enthusiastically. yeah, i guess the rumour that java jazz festival has becoming merely a hangout spot for those ignorant rich teeangers was somewhat true.

well back to the show, i loved that she sang not only her famous songs but also few songs from each album. plus 1 new song called 'stoned out of my mind. some of the songs were 'you had me', 'super duper love', 'spoiled', 'jet lag', 'put your hands on me', 'big ol game', 'what we're gonna do now', 'teardrops', 'the high road', aaand my favorite piece: 'FREE ME' (got it videotaped by masheru). if any camera sought for the most enthusiast audience during that song, it must be me for sure. felt really good to dance during the gig and especially that song. she closed her performance with 'right to be wrong' with what i called perfect ending and she threw some white roses to the audience.

she was really lovely, how she interacted with the audience, how she laughed in the middle of the song, how she handled her almost-fell-off dress, and how she used melody to speak sentences to the crowd.

i was trully satisfied. the crowd wasn't too much, the length of the gig was not too long (14 songs), the ticket price was affordable, the band, backing vocals, lighting, venue, everything was flawless.

i don't have any bucket list (yet), but if i did, seeing joss stone's live performance would be definitely in it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

about wedding

i dislike wedding parties. not the wedding. only the party, reception, whatever you call it. i used to enjoy attending wedding parties when i was teenager. but now, with this personality change during my 20's, i prefer to avoid it. i only attend my closest ones'. being invited to 3 wedding receptions this weekend, i want to write down pros and cons, of course my version, of attending a wedding reception.

  1. you can congratulate bride and groom (or the parents) personally & directly. it's more polite because if they invite you, it means they want your presence.
  2. it's possible to meet your friends at the venue.
  3. good food (usually) and good music (sometimes).
  4. time to take good pictures with friends when you're all well groomed.
  5. quite an effective way, to some people, to show off errrr almost anything: wealth, new lover, fancy dress or shoes, anything.
  1. you might not be able to bear the crowd. (ok well, that's exactly me)
  2. you need extra time to groom and sometimes extra money if you need some hairdo and stuff.
  3. it's hard when you don't like putting make up on.
  4. the process of finding the present takes lots of time and money consideration.
  5. the high heels for at least 2 hours. enough said.
  6. it's still discouraged to take bus to the venue. this city's pollution will make your appearance awful as if you didn't respect the one who invited you once you arrived. taxi will cost more and lot if you live far away.
  7. you actually want to spend more time with the bride or groom on their happy day but you can't as you're not the only guest.
  8. most of the time it's a standing party or table-less party so actually effort is still needed to enjoy the food.
  9. can anyone stand uncontrolably running kids?
that's all i can think of. to me the trade off still needs balancing. still can't believe fatia's wedding is in 2 days.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

krav maga

i might be just like other people, never heard of krav maga before. well i heard about it once or twice from masheru without having a clue what it was really like til one day he asked me to join the free trial class. we join the trial class offered by self defense indonesia and syena martial arts center. since it's opened for unexperienced individuals without any martial arts background, i decided to give it a try.

so what is krav maga? based on some sources i look up on the internet, krav maga is the official self defence system of the Israeli Defense Forces. it is a simple, effective self defence system that emphasizes instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios. so it fits to be learnt by people living in big city with high crime, girls especially.

the class i joined was more like a challenge class. we were thaught one or two tricks and moves in krav maga and had to finish stages of 'games' ranging from push-up, boxing, shooting, and even crawling. we had lovely instructor named joe and steven who patiently explained the tricks to us. and even steven's explanation was really understandable, girly speaking, when he approached me and my sparring partner. then finally we had to take our individual turn to finish the challenge. it was fun but.....i just haven't been that breathless for a long long long time, hahaha.

i was really really interested to register for the regular class, but it's quite expensive, have got no allocation for that yet. but happy enough to join the trial class. out date this time is kinda useful. we even got free shirt!!